Turning Waste to Into Energy

Sentinel Waste International Ltd.

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Managing Municipal Solid Waste to Generate Renewable Green Energy : Local Empowerment with Global Partnership

Sentinel takes a unique approach by investing more effort, than competing technologies, in the front end processing of its facility, to ensure cleaner and higher calorific feedstock. Due to this effort, Sentinel’s densified fuel pellets maximize the output of clean electricity, while removing unwanted and toxic materials during the front end process. This helps Sentinel produce feedstock at a calorific of up to 6,000 kcal/kg with maximum moisture content of 8.5%! In comparison to typically produced RDF, densified feedstock is easier to use and store without production of high levels of unwanted residue as in typical RDF Facilities. By focusing on its front end processing capabilities, Sentinel assures its client of its ability to remove landfill materials and reduce CO2 emissions, making it’s process more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Producing “Green Electricity” from waste via use of the patented Sentinel pellet, Trademarked “Enerpax+”, is the primary end use, while ensuring the diverted waste reduces levels of Green House Gas (CO2) from the atmosphere, as well as working towards a zero waste to landfill objective.

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