Company Background

SENTINEL was formed in 1999, to promote its technology for processing of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”), to high calorific value fuel pellets; The fuel pellets were Trademarked as “EnerPax+”.

In 2001, SENTINEL formed an alliance with a group of investors, designed and constructed an MSW to pellet processing facility, named Dongara, in Woodbridge, Ontario (just north of Toronto, Canada).

In 2005, the investor group finalized an agreement to receive waste from the local Ontario Region, delivered to the proposed facility. The plant was designed then constructed between early Spring of 2007, with completion mid-Summer 2008, and commissioning by Fall 2008.

The facility was designed in compliance with all Ministry of Environment, Ontario regulations regarding waste receipt, processing and sale of fuel pellet. Fuel pellets were utilized by the Greenhouse industry in Ontario, to replace oil, coal and other solid fuels.

The Dongara facility was commercially opened in 2008, and successfully produced EnerPax+ fuel pellets; As the EnerPax+ fuel pellets are of a high density, the ability to capture high calorific value on a per tonne basis, made the pellet attractive to end users, with the calorific value approaching good quality coal heating values, with less moisture content, than coal; Fuel pellets were extensively tested in commercial grade boilers as a comingled fuel with coal, to produce electricity, as well as being tested by large cement facilities, as coal replacement.





Technology Presentation